Masayuki Yamane shihan, 7th dan, passed away on Monday, August 7 at the age of 75. Yamane shihan was born in Yokohama in July of 1942. He began his study of aikido in high school. In 1980, Yamane shihan founded the Sakura City Aikido Club where he taught until his passing.

When Sano sensei first formed Salt Lake Aikikai with Dave Iannucci sensei, our affiliation to the Aikikai Foundation and Hombu Dojo was through Yamane shihan. He became our mentor and Salt Lake Aikikai would not exist today were it not for his generosity and guidance. Dave and Kayoko Iannucci were first introduced to Yamane shihan by Saito-san of Asahi Newspaper Aikido Club, a mutual friend of both the Iannuccis and Sano sensei. Though Dave sensei and Sano sensei formed the dojo, Kayoko Iannucci was integral to the dojo’s success.

Over the years, Yamane shihan came to Salt Lake City three times to teach seminars; his 2011 visit was the last that his health would permit. He oversaw dan rank tests for many of our current yudansha, as well as for others like Dave sensei, whose lives have taken them other places. Most recently, Yamane shihan oversaw the 2014 Salt Lake Aikikai ni dan and shodan tests for Jon Kroupa and Gerry Carpenter. As Yamane shihan’s health declined, Sano sensei and other members of the dojo continued to maintain our friendship with the Sakura City Aikido Club, visiting and training with Iidaka-san and Miura-san, to name a couple.

A card from the dojo will be at keiko both nights this week. Even if you are not able to train, please make a few moments to come and sign the card. I realize that many of us did not have the opportunity to meet Yamane shihan. Our relationship to Yamane shihan is similar to our relationship to O’Sensei – just as we have not met O’Sensei but practice his art, we continue to receive Yamane shihan’s teachings, often without even knowing that this or that pattern came from him. Your signatures on the card will help inform those he left behind how far his teachings have travelled, the people his teachings have affected, and how his legacy continues at Salt Lake Aikikai with each of us into the future.



 通夜、告別式は、生前の山根先生や奥様方のご意向でご家族・近親者のみで8月10日(木)、11日(金)に行われました(喪主 ご長男 山根健太郎)。



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